Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Exciting Life of Mason Brown Dog

This is Mason Brown Dog

He is a 4 year old Chocolate Lab even though he looks like a weiner dog in that picture...

Mason has two main emotions: sleeping and ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCITED!!

While I experience a much wider variety of emotions…frequently…when it’s usually inappropriate, I  envy his extreme level of excitement for things. I don't think there is anything that makes me feel the level of "can’t control myself so freakin’ pumped" excitement that Mason does.

I thought I would demonstrate with a scale of excitement..and get your mind out of the gutter because I am talking about G rated kid in a candy store excitement, ok?! And I do NOT want to hear any “that’s what she saids”.

Someone says: Wanna go for a ride in the car?
My Reaction
Mason's reaction

Wanna play ball?

Someone says, wanna go for a walk?


Anything is said about wanting breakfast, dinner, food, treat, etc

I think it's time I take a page out of Mason's brown dog book and try to be more ZOMG!!!! about stuff....starting....tomorrow......or the next day

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  1. Don't forget about things...make sure to be ZOMG about things too