Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Kind of Superheroes

People love superheroes…and why not?!
They are strong, fast, have special powers, save people, fight bad guys and often wear tights and capes.
Superheroes are cool.

But I am bored with the traditional hero abilities, I am looking for something a little different in a superhero. So here are Four superheroes that don’t exist…but should

I have two brown dogs, one big and one that will be big someday

When  I go outside  to my yard and see this horrifying sight:

That’s when I would call

Pooper Scooper Girl, and instantly I have green grassy yard again


I’m driving on the freeway, in the left lane and come up to 'slow old guy driver'….or I notice 'lane changing on the phone teen driver'

…that’s when I call

Bad Driver Man- he lifts up their car and throws it far far away


I’m in the grocery store and someone from my past walks toward me….there is no where to run, no where to hide…

that’s when I call for

Awkward Convo Woman- she instantly distracts them and I can make a smooth get away

I have some delicious food in front of me that I am very excited to try…but it is really hot, I am about to put the scalding item into my mouth

 when along comes

Don’t Eat That Yet Man- who bravely throws himself in danger’s way
These are just a few examples of MY kind of superhero....what kind of superhero do you need?

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  1. I need Daylight Savings Time Saving Man - he sets my clock ahead for me tonight but lets me keep the hour I would have lost. :>]