Friday, March 2, 2012

Stuff.....and Things

When people ask me things I have two negative traits that work against me…I am indecisive, and I have an awful short term memory. So in order to adapt to life with other people I have come up with a defense mechanism which seems to avert those difficult questions that are asked of me. I thought I would share with you how I cope with my two communication defects. 

I created one simple answer to nearly every question that is asked of me. The answer is:  Stuff and Things. In order for this to seem slightly less vague and bland I also imagine that Stuff and Things are creatures who can fill in the blanks in my mental pictures.

Here is an example of how this works:

Boyfriend asks "what did you do all day?"

I think…I can’t remember…so I say:

“ Stuff and Things” and I picture:

Friend asks what I would like to eat for dinner

I can’t decide…so I say:

“ Stuff and Things” and I see

Airline worker says: "This bag is so heavy, what did you pack?"

I’m honestly not sure since I was so excited to pack I frantically shoved random items in my suitcase, so I say:

“Stuff….oh, and Things”

I’m stopping at Walmart and boyfriend finds out, he asks

“what could you possibly need?”

I haven’t yet decided how I will frivolously spend money on products I don’t need

So I simply answer:

“Stuff, and likely Things”

Starting to get the idea?

 Well you too can use my two special friends for any situation you find yourself in where you might not know what your decision is…or maybe you really can’t remember….so TA DA! Stuff and Things will be there to solve all your problems!


  1. Ah...let me just ask...what must one study to earn a Masters Degree in Communications? ....perhaps "stuff and things"?


  2. Now you need to draw "no nothing". And then maybe they could get together with stuff and things and hang out.