Thursday, March 1, 2012

My kitchen, the good, the bad, the crusty

When we bought our house we were very grateful that it came with the three major appliances in the kitchen, albeit they were used, and had slight issues, but they were there and they worked, mostly. All we had to do was rip out the disgustingly grimy hood vent and install our steal of a deal new microwave.

Oh, and soak the stove burners in ammonia all night to scrape off 8 years of grime(thank you Pinterest)

bleach the sh*t out of the fridge and scrub all the crevices of the musty smelling dishwasher with vinegar and baking soda….then we were set….

…except the stove burners took FOR-EV-ER to light, if I wanted to cook something I had to turn to ignite and hear “click, click, click, click” all the while smelling gassy-ness leaking into the air….awesome, sometimes it was twenty clicks to light…sometimes it was never

While I have heard gas stoves are the preferred method of cooking for fancy chefs…I’m not fancy…

and let me clue you in to something


I can clean them until I’m blue in the face and there are still crumbs and stains on the top…why?? Because that is the evil nature of gas stoves…there are so many little cavities for pieces of food and saucyness to get into, and for some reason none of my cleaners can penetrate the force-field of stovetop…THAT is why I dream if electric flat top stove…big dreams right?

Well since the current stove doesn’t like to light and leaking gas in the house doesn’t thrill us we talked about getting a new stove…and in the back of my dream I also pictured a spankin’ new dishwasher that no one else’s mucky dishes had been in and *cue harps* a side by side refrigerator that had ice and water on the front….I am so lame

But that was my dream…not my plan

Until President’s day, and a commercial for a four piece stainless steel kitchen set snagged my attention….ok let’s just go *look* (still not sure why President’s day equals crazy good sales…but I will not complain…yay Herbert Hoover and Gerald Ford, thanks for the deal!)

Well look became FOUR hours in Appliance Smart with a salesman who ran into FOUR, count them FOUR appliances, acquiring two bruises and a scrape while showing us around…I’m not exactly sure what was this old man’s deal, maybe he was just old, but very sweet, he kept telling the boyfriend I was a catch haha he’s RIGHT I AM! lol…and now this Saturday we have scheduled the delivery of our new appliances…..

but wait….now we need new cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, the ones that came with the house are FUGLY and GAUDY…

And if my dreams really do come true….backsplash and new countertop…

Ok settle down, let’s not get ahead of ourselves

Oh wait…did anyone bother to think about the fact that I have no income because I’m unemployed and maybe investing in appliances isn’t the most financially fit plan right now? NOPE SHUT YOUR MOUTH

Let’s just sell the old stuff on CRAIGSLIST! Perfect

…and start planning that backsplash

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  1. Backsplash ideas:
    Washable, vinyl-coated wallpapers;
    Painted beadboard;
    Paint the wall with chalkboard paint - then you can write your recipe on it...
    Pressed Tin Ceiling tiles...