Monday, March 5, 2012

Expectation vs. Reality

I will admit, I over exaggerate things… sometimes

 I might even be slightly dramatic.

 But on the positive side, I tend to imagine that things will be amazing, epic.

 I have a wild imagination and like to picture what will happen before it does.  This sometimes gets me in trouble…and by sometimes I mean ALWAYS. Because what I picture is NEVER what happens, and it is especially difficult when I picture something being fabulous and it is a super duper fail.

I’ve been thinking lately about my expectations vs. reality….here are some examples:

I stub my toe, it really hurts, I look down expecting to see

But I actually see

I hear a noise in the basement, I imagine:

But it actually is

I’m feeling lucky so I buy a scratch off, I imagine

In reality

I get my fitness on and workout, I think I now look like this

I really just look like this

What I thought getting a puppy would be like

What it really was like

Perhaps I need to reign in my imagination and learn to just let things happen….

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