Thursday, March 1, 2012

What happened to me

                                                                     This is me

This USED to be me, I was a busy, energetic, and moderately successful person, worked full time, went to school full time, an amazing boyfriend, bought a house and had one crazy brown dog

I had a job, I was good at it, then I thought I should find a new job, make more money, learn new things and potentially move up in the work world, I got a new job!

Then this thing called Reduction in Force happened….and I found myself with a large amount of free time, time I used to DREAM of having

When I was busy I had a schedule, I worked hard and got things accomplished, I dreamed of extra time that I could use to craft awesome things, read books, cook all the meals I found on Pinterest, train my new puppy brown dog and get ahead with all my  homework…those were some big dreams

Instead, when you have all that free time and no accountability, you mostly end up watching TV…and eating, and the occasional letting the dogs out to potty

I got an adorable pink and white sewing machine from the boyfriend for Christmas, I have plans to sew curtains, blankets, duvet covers, pillow shams….but when I got to page 18 out of 50 of the manual my hand slowly drifted to the DVR remote and found 10 episodes of Law and Order SVU I hadn’t watched yet….

that machine still sits upstairs in my immaculate craft room, tape still holding all the parts in place…it mocks me

But not nearly as much as I mock myself

I used to be a person who got things done, I was organized and determined…and now I seem to be the girl who sits…and watches….and thinks…and dreams

So far, Reduction in Force -1       Me-0


  1. Are you having an awesome time? Are you listening to awesome music? Are you drinking awesome shooters???? Well you should, this too will end.

  2. Doooon't let the RiF win!! Get up and get yourself a point - at least tie it up 1-1.
    If I could draw I would draw 'sad hands' here.

  3. I love these pain drawings! I still think you are a rockstar! I know how to sew... with that fancy machine. Have me over and I will help!